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Welcome to POSH(Prevention of Sexual Harassment) Training.

Welcome to our POSH Training Space!
Taxila, a leading corporate training company, understands the importance of promoting positive and respectful workplace cultures. This comprehensive training aims to equip organizations and their employees with the knowledge and skills to foster a harassment-free workplace environment.

What is POSH Training?

In today’s competitive business landscape, organizations must prioritize creating safe and inclusive work environments. One critical aspect of this is preventing and addressing workplace harassment. POSH Training facilitates the development of a positive work environment where employees feel safe, valued, and respected.

Customized Training

Taxila understands that every organization has unique needs and challenges. Therefore, they offer customized POSH Training programs tailored to the specific industry, organizational culture, and workforce demographics. These programs address industry-specific concerns and equip participants with practical strategies to prevent and respond to harassment effectively.


To ensure the highest training standards, Taxila’s POSH Training is conducted by expert trainers with extensive knowledge and experience in workplace harassment prevention. The training sessions are designed to be interactive and engaging, utilizing a variety of instructional methods such as case studies, group discussions, and scenario-based learning. This approach enables participants to grasp the concepts effectively and apply them in real-world situations.


Taxila’s commitment to client success extends beyond the training sessions. They provide ongoing support and resources to organizations that have completed the POSH Training program. This support includes access to relevant materials, guidance for developing internal policies and procedures, and assistance in creating a robust reporting mechanism. By offering continuous support, Taxila ensures that organizations can sustain the positive changes initiated by the training program.

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Ensuring legal compliance and upholding ethical responsibilities are crucial for any organization. Laws and regulations pertaining to workplace harassment vary across jurisdictions.

Taxila’s POSH Training program aligns with these legal frameworks and helps companies fulfill their obligations. By providing comprehensive training, Taxila empowers organizations to foster an environment that safeguards employee well-being while avoiding legal complications.

POSH Training Syllabus

POSH Training facilitates the development of a positive work environment where employees feel safe, valued, and respected.

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